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Global Real Estate Information

Overview of the Global Site:

Hopefully, you are already familiar with the Burns Global Real Estate Site.

This is a Site I, supported by many others, created many years ago to provide free information for those that would like to know—in summary form—a bit of history, background, and general information on a given country in the world. This includes summary information on real estate issues in other countries. The countries discussed on this Site were authored by many specialists that were very familiar with the given country. There are over 100 countries discussed in the Global Site.

Overview of the Global Text (International Real Estate):

The above Site ties nicely to the Global Real Estate Text, more formally entitled International Real Estate. This text has been issued in many new editions over the years. It can be found on It is also cited in this Mark Lee Levine Blog.

The Text is a work that I authored in part and edited. It covers 33 countries located around the world. The text provides the structure for a course that we teach at the University of Denver/Daniels/Burns to address real estate issues and related cultural issues in various countries throughout the world. The text has been issued in English, Chinese and Spanish, thanks to the aid of many folks that are discussed in these various editions.

Why the Site? Why the Text?

As mentioned, the Global Site and the Global Text are designed to work together to provide an overview of information on various countries, especially as to real estate issues. You can view the Site and the Text without charge. Simply look at the Mark Lee Levine Blog, which is the same Blog you are accessing when you look at these Tips. In the blog, there is a tab to move to the Global text and the Global web Site.

What is New—for this Text and Site?

The impetus for this Tip was to call your attention to a wonderful piece of additional Global information. This material discusses Tax Data by country. The research and information was issued by the Tax Foundation. This data provides tax facts about countries throughout the world. The Tax Foundation addresses many types of taxes, such as corporate taxes, individual income taxes, consumption taxes, property taxes, etc. It also provides an international tax competitiveness Index that is very interesting when contrasting countries as to tax issues.

Take a look at this wonderful site, full of information on many countries. The Tax Foundation site for the US is:


Dr. Mark Lee Levine,

Professor, University of Denver

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